April 2015
30 April 2015

April 2015

Q4 Winners

The following employees and service partners from around the business received awards:

  • From London

Barbara Rigano, 16 Palace Street, for Customer Service

Below is a copy of an email from a very high profile occupier which sums it all up: "The Front of House staff at 16 Palace Street are off-the-charts brilliant. They are super-professional; super-efficient; super-charming and super-fun. To give one example: we had the largest German Pension Plan come to our offices and they had been wrong-footed by a taxi that wouldn't take payment by credit card. Barbara rushed to their assistance, paying from her own purse, and this important prospect came into our office gushing with praise. They are not just great on a London-scale, they are great on a global-scale......" 

Nominator – Ben Ridgwell – London Asset Management

Jason Edwards, Mitie – Service Provider, for Corporate Responsibility

Jason has been the ONC facilities manager for nearly three years, and in this time he has been instrumental in assisting us in delivering an excellent service for all of our clients, customers, stakeholders and shareholders. Jason championed the original slip testing regime that has now been rolled out throughout the business, resulting in huge benefit whenever we have insurance claims.

He arranged some work tasters and trials for Mencap and managed to employ 2 of their candidates in part time cleaning roles here at One New Change. Jason truly embodies the "One Team" ethos and approach.

Nominator – Charlotte Fletcher – London Property Management

  • From Retail

Mohammad Saqib, Europa – Service Provider, for Respect for the Individual

Mohammad was carrying out his routine patrol, as he approached the escalators at the Odeon. Just in front of him was a young family, the father was carrying his young 2 year old and 4 year old daughters, while the mother was behind them. Just as the family all stepped onto the down escalator the father let go of the hand of his 4 year old who immediately fell forward and went head first falling down the escalator. Mohammad saw this happening and managed to leap past both parents and dived after the young girl to capture her just in time before she collided with the base of the escalator.

Nominator – Jon Carter – Retail Property Management

Carolyn Smith, Glyn Perham and Keith Coleman, OCS – Service Provider, for Respect for the Individual

Carolyn, Glyn and Keith worked together to help a young, distressed girl. Glyn was in the control room and the girl was spotted on the top deck of the multi storey car park behaving erratically. Carolyn was dispatched and engaged her in conversation. The girl said she was very depressed and considering jumping off the car park. After a while, she agreed to come down and we handed her over to a Police Liaison officer.  The following week, the girl's father got in touch to thank us and the family came in with Thank You cards for all involved. Although the actions were exceptional, I'm sure it is the level of respect and understanding shown to the girl which was instrumental in her agreeing not to go through with her intentions. 

Nominator – Steven Madeley – Retail Property Management

Alison Vaughan, The Galleria, for Exceptional Contribution

The impressive implementation of the ‘What’s Hot’ page allowed us to better showcase seasonal trends, inspiration and offers. Alison thoroughly enjoys all of the added duties she performs, and it shines through. However big or small the task, the assistance Alison provides daily is invaluable to us all. In addition to this, I am particularly inspired and motivated by her drive and commitment to all CR activities, continually championing our charity partners. A team member that rarely seeks recognition or anything in return, but very much deserves it. I speak not only for myself when I say a big thank you.

Nominator – Marnie Williams – Retail Property Management

Martin Wilson, Sean Parkes, Paul Fusco, Ricky Baxter, Amy Laycock & Christine Pointing, OSC – Service Provider, for Exceptional Contribution

Sean Parkes was patrolling when he saw a young girl standing on a narrow ledge two stories above the mall floor having climbed over the balustrade. He reacted very quickly calling for assistance before running over and grabbing hold of her. The girl was trying to wriggle free from his grip, but Sean was able to brace his legs against the panel as she struggled and hold tightly on to her. Ricky Baxter who was working in the Customer Service Lounge, saw the incident and ran across to assist Sean. Paul Fusco had heard the radio call and quickly responded. Just as he arrived the girl actually jumped from the ledge. Martin Wilson and Amy Laycock administered first aid. Our controller, Christine Pointing, had coordinated the response from the control room. She had commanded the situation very well, remaining calm and professional throughout.  Nominator – David Downes – Retail Property Management

Donald Grant, Mancommercial – Service Provider, for Customer Service

Donald showed such care to a customer that I believe it has removed the risk of an insurance claim being made (regardless of its validity).  A customer came to The Cornerhouse on the way to visiting the cinema. Unfortunately she lost her footing at the top of the escalator and fell, causing nasty cuts and bruising to her foot and requiring first aid.  Donald attended the incident, gave her first aid and generally was very kind to her. Following the incident he phoned her up to see how she was and had a little chat with her, she explained she was very nervous on escalators and lifts.  When she arrived on site a week later, she phoned and asked for him.  He met her on the ground floor, helped her up the stairs and escorted her to the cinema and then when the film had finished, escorted her back down again.  

Nominator – Suzanne Green – Retail Property Management

Stacey Bell, Bluewater, for Exceptional Contribution

Stacey has worked tirelessly to maintain business as usual during the transition from Lend Lease to Land Securities having lost our core programme Prism she has been instrumental in continuing to deliver sales and footfall data for the centre for our owners, stakeholders and asset management. Having gone from using one core system to learning a number of different processes she has achieved an outstanding level of information required despite the difficulties faced. 

Nominator – Bernice Giggins – Retail Property Management

Ken James, Cornerhouse, for Exceptional Contribution

The Cornerhouse welcomed Prince Harry to the site for a charity viewing of a film he had financed.  Initially this visit was to be managed by Cineworld and it was to be a low key event with Prince Harry using back of house entrances and lifts.  Ken personally intervened to ensure that the event was of a  higher profile by ensuring that the security services were happy with all the routes, exit plans, safe rooms etc. A huge amount of work and preparation went into this visit and Ken was primarily responsible for pulling all the operational and security element of this. The event was a huge success with extensive media coverage both locally and nationally.  Ken received personal emails and texts of thanks from all the police who were involved. 

Nominator – Suzanne Green – Retail Property Management

  • From Across the business 

Stephen Haynes, Monima Harrison & Paul Dodds, for Team 

I would like to nominate Paul Dodds, Monima Harrison and Stephen Haynes for their work and successes in delivering the IS project for Duty Manager Inspections.  All three of these individuals are from entirely different areas of the business and need to ensure their department's respective needs are met. Steve, Monima and Paul have anticipated issues, worked together well to manage the external suppliers (software house) and listened to and incorporated user feedback - right from the onset with the pilot, is already bearing significant fruit.  It is really motivating to see three different disciplines working together well to support each other's objectives.  

Nominator – Julie Bell – Tax, Treasury & Insurance


Congratulations to them all! We look forward to seeing these awardees, at the annual PIA dinner in July 2015.

We encourage everyone to get involved with recognition by nominating those who you feel make a difference and bring our values to life.

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