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The People into Action Awards were held on the 17 January 2013. A fantastic evening was had by all and the following winners were celebrated.

Customer Service

Presented by: Richard Akers

The winner is: Robert Moses, Car Park Manager, The Bridges Shopping Centre, Airport Parking Company of America

 On the 7 June 2012 the Stadium of Light hosted a Coldplay concert. Feedback from the event organisers suggested a 50,000 crowd with a potential of 5,000 vehicles needing parking spaces in and around the city centre.

From past experience the city centre road traffic management infrastructure has always presented major problems whilst moving vehicles in and out of our two car parks; often due to traffic light problems which are totally beyond the Centre's control.

Armed with this knowledge our new Car Park Manager decided to support his staff and run the show from the front line. This involved starting his day at 8:00am, completing his normal shift and then working the roof top and MSCP car parks until 01:30am the following morning. Robert worked outside for the entire event in adverse weather conditions which were demanding and further compounded by constant heavy rain. After the event the late night and poor weather had a very negative effect on car park user's patience, where many vented their feelings in a string of abuse at any member of the car park team. Rob who was tired and in his own words soaked through to his undies, dealt with the constant string of abuse in a truly professional and rational manner, totally unflustered.

In many cases managing to change the abusive threatening behaviour and frustration of the general public into understanding and acceptance of the situation. His attitude, people skills and professionalism demonstrated on this occasion were impeccable and certainly well above and beyond normal service provider expectations. His helpfulness and determination throughout the event was truly an inspiration to the rest of our team.

Rob was nominated for a People into Action award for the extra effort, tenacity, commitment, patience and understanding demonstrated during the recent Coldplay event.

After only ten weeks in his new position this extra mile attitude has again demonstrated Rob's total commitment to creating the best possible parking experience for anyone using his car parks.

Nominated by: Duncan Allen, Technical Services Manager, The Bridges Shopping Centre, Land Securities

Respect for the Individual

Presented by: Richard Akers

The winner is: Rob Lamb, Security Manager, The Bridges Shopping Centre, OCS Security

Rob Lamb was nominated for a Customer Service award for his patience and understanding when a distressed young man was threatening to throw himself off the main bridge into the city which could have proved fatal. Rob is the Security Manager at the Bridges Shopping Centre and when he was on a routine daily patrol of the centre he was alerted by a lady shopper of a potentially dangerous situation. She was concerned about a young man, in his twenties, who was distressed and shouting that he was going to kill himself.

Rob spontaneously ran over to the young man and he could immediately see that he was in an irrational and agitated state. When Rob asked if he could help him he said he wanted to kill himself and was going to jump off the bridge. Rob continued to talk to the man trying to calm him down and eventually managed to persuade him to go with him into a nearby café.

At his own expense, Rob bought the man a cup of coffee and a sandwich while continually talking to him and calming him down. Rob spent about 30 minutes with the man who was called Michael, patiently listening and empathising. He responded to Rob's sympathetic approach confiding his worries to him, Michael clearly needed professional assistance. Rob suggested that they went to the police station where they could seek further help and Michael agreed. When they parted company at the police station Michael thanked Rob for being a gentleman.

Rob's patience and understanding paid off and the police took over the case and we hope that Michael is now on his way to recovery. As for Rob, he continued on his daily tasks, ready for the diverse challenges that his job can bring

Nominated by: Lynne Hodgson, Administration Manager, The Bridges Shopping Centre, Land Securities


Presented by: Richard Akers

The winner is: Simon Waters, Security Team Supervisor, Princesshay Shopping Centre, Europa Services 

A member of the public who was an electric wheelchair user visiting the shopping centre sustained a puncture to one of his tyres. He despatched his wife who is also a wheelchair user to find some form of assistance. Simon who was out on patrol at the time came across the distressed individual and offered his asistance.

As this incident occurred on a Sunday the NHS contractor that is appointed by the Exeter Mobility Centre was not available and the office was in fact closed until Monday. Simon contacted the Police Service on their non-emergency number and they were unable to help. Simon then took it upon himself to push the individual concerned home in order to resolve the situation as he could ascertain that the couple were becoming more and more agitated and upset.

Simon pushed this disabled person with his defective wheelchair for a mile and a half to their home and ensured that both of them were okay whilst carrying out this operation. Simon made sure that they entered their premises safely and checked with them that they were both comfortable and safe. He then left and made his way back to the control room.

A letter of commendation has been received from Mr & Mrs Spicer expressing their gratitude for the offer of Simon's help on this occasion as they felt it "was something that he did not have to do and without his help they were not sure how thay would have got home safely".

This is a wonderful example of customer care and pardon the pun "going that extra mile" and fully deserves full recognition of this generous act.

Nominated by: Andrew Littlejohns, Operations Manager, Princesshay Shopping Centre, Land Securities


Presented by: Martin Greenslade

The winner is: Jon Miles, Control Room Coordinator, Cabot Circus Shopping Centre, Land Securities 

Jon was nominated for this award for the recent feedback he has received from external and internal customers. In Jon's role as Control Room Coordinator he is responsible for holding monthly security meetings with Cabot Circus and Broadmead retailers, below is the feedback that was received from our external partner Destination Bristol regarding the recent improvements that have happened due to Jon's dedication to the meetings.

The Broadmead & Cabot Circus monthly security meetings have gone from strength to strength in the last few months and I believe that much of that is due to the preparation that Jon puts into each meeting. Jon always ensures that he has relevant, up-to-date, information to share with the group, collating photographs from several different sources. Consequently attendance at the meetings has increased as store managers and security staff recognises the importance of the meetings. Jon is always keen to assist security staff whether they are from Cabot Circus or Broadmead stores. I have received positive feedback about Jon from several police officers who have attended these meetings.

Jon also attends our Police management meetings and is a valued member of the group. He is keen to raise issues which need resolving and to suggest solutions to problems in the area. We are very pleased that Jon plays an active part in helping us to address security issues in the city centre shopping area.

After holding the monthly security meetings, Jon recognised that several of Cabot's retailers were experiencing high stock losses. Jon has implemented a loss prevention pack which he presents to retailers that have high stock losses, this includes training on what to look out for, basic law, what Cabot security can do to help, and how the retailer can do more. This has helped raise awareness and build relationships with our retailers. Below is feedback that has been received from a store for which he held a meeting with. On this occasion Jon changed is shift pattern so he could accommodate the retailer.

"I am emailing to feedback on the training that Jon Miles conducted last night with my team. The training was excellent, very punchy and to the point, just enough detail. The response from the team was fantastic, 'best security training they had ever received'. Awareness has been raised 100% at least. I think the session would be invaluable and would absolutely recommend that any stores that can accommodate this. Particular thanks to Jon for changing his shift and working late."

Another example of Jon's commitment and hard work is his relationship with Avon and Somerset police. Some time ago Jon identified that customer cycle theft around Cabot circus was high. Jon approached the police to see if the police were willing to work with the Cabot security team to help reduce cycle theft. Jon has worked closely with the police to coordinator undercover operations which have helped to significantly reduce bike crime in the Cabot Area. Below is feedback from Avon and Somerset police.

"As you might be aware it is a priority for the neighbourhood team and your teams help and awareness of this issue has underpinned our success (21% reduction so far this year). To celebrate this and to promote partnership working and to add reassurance for the public and a deterrent to the thieves we are thinking of trying to get this publicised on TV. Jon Miles has been speaking to Will here and Will got some CCTV of your guys taking out a couple of blatant thieves. It look absolutely brilliant, professional and sets a clear message. Can you pass on our Chief Inspectors thanks to Jon and all your team for the first rate work they are doing".

Jon consistently demonstrates strong partnerships, best team, business excellence and thought leadership. In Jon's role as Control Room Coordinator he is responsible for the overall running of the Cabot Circus control room including line management of the CCTV controls. Jon was instrumental in the dealing with the riots that happened in August 2011, below is feedback that has been received from Avon and Somerset police.

"I am sending you this email to highlight the professional work of your Cabot Circus Security Team who were working within the CCTV control room on the evening/night of the 8 August 2011. An officer based at New Bridewell was deployed into the control room during the evening of the disorder. It was the first time he has been able to personally work with your team. He was immensely impressed with their professional approach and how dedicated they were to their roles. He could clearly see that they take great pride in their work and stated without their support during a very testing time for all agencies and staff who were dealing with the disorder, more serious offences would have occurred".

Jon is an outstanding member of the Cabot Circus team who goes over and above what is an expected of him on a daily basis. Every shopping centre should have a Jon Miles.

Nominated by: Hayley Poland, Centre Co-Ordinator, Cabot Circus Shopping Centre, Land Securities


Presented by: Martin Greenslade

The winner is: Helen Morgan, Regional Marketing Manager, St David's Dewi Sant, Land Securities

A couple of years ago Helen was considering ways to attract more footfall to the centre particularly during the quieter periods in the week. Helen thought it would be a good idea to specifically target a section of the community which was large enough to warrant holding a special dedicated evening for and the idea of a 'STUDENT LOCK IN' was born. 

Careful planning has been the success behind this hugely successful event from small humble beginnings from its first launch in Cardiff a couple of years ago to this large scale portfolio wide event. The innovative thinking behind targetting a student market is sublime, creating future new customers and cemeting the brand within the locality. Students receive discounts offered by our retailers which have been skillfully negotiated by the centre teams in advance.

The students are grateful of the discounts awarded and this in turn, creates loyalty to the centres within the community. This community based event is now firmly established as a favourite calendar event which is providing huge ROI as well as huge amounts of PR. The concept is a simple one, (discounts to students from the majority of occupiers, one evening a year). The material to promote such an event is minimal.

At the recent Cardiff event (Oct 2012) in excess of 22,000 students attended who spent over half a million pounds. In Cabot Circus a total of 18,000 students attended with occupiers reporting positive sales and sales data looking very impressive. This type of event doesn't cost a lot to stage - what makes a success of an event like this is the local relationships, the team commitment and the innovative thinking in the first place.

I do believe Helen should be recognised for this hugely successful event which is now hosted at many of our portfolio of centres, resulting in millions of pounds of additional income.

Nominated by: Deborah Jones, Retail Operations Manager, Retail Property Management, Land Securities


Corporate Responsibility

Presented by: Martin Greenslade

The winner is: April Marshall, Centre Administrator, The Centre, Land Securities

The Centre, Livingston has been working with Bosom Buds of Scotland as its charity partner of the year for 2 years. The charity helps local people in West Lothian suffering from cancer. April Marshall at The Centre and her 14 year old daughter Caileigh have been fully engaged with the charity since the partnership evolved, giving up their time off work and school to volunteer and fundraise on behalf of the charity.

At every event including charity abseil, midnight mall walk, summer fun weekends and in mall displays, April and Caileigh have been actively involved. April has also joined the Committee and is working with the Chairperson in her spare time to raise awareness of the importance of 'self checking' and raising funds on behalf of the charity.

Both April and Caileigh are fantastic ambassadors for the charity and I'd like their committment to be recognised formally

Nominated by: Jennifer Bruce, Retail Liaison Manager, The Centre, Land Securities


Presented by: Robert Noel

The winner is: Iain Trent, Senior Project Engineer; Natalie Roberts, Lizzie Batchelor, Environmental Managers and Eammon Driscoll, Project Engineer Environment, Land Securities

Natalie, Lizzie, Eamonn and Iain were nominated for the Environment Award in recognition of their tremendous effort to produce a new Low Carbon Fit Out Guide for Retail under a tight time constraint so it could be launched at our Environment Conference. The guide has received great feedback both internally and externally and is recognised as the best source of advice available to retailers to reduce the operational carbon emissions of their shop units through the adoption of best practice design of shop fit out works.

The aim of the Low Carbon Fit Out Guide Retail 2012 is to help retailers and their designers to understand how to achieve energy and carbon savings through efficient design and operation of their shop fit-outs. We share our knowledge, expertise and experience of energy efficient and low carbon design and operation of fit out in the guide but also demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development and why we have made this commitment.

The guide is aimed at the decision makers with retail organisations rather than designers. The "Why Change" section clearly sets out the drivers for low carbon fit out and the multiple benefits of adopting the approach but the guide goes beyond simply arguing that reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions is the "right thing to do". The Guide worked examples which show the bottom line benefits of best practice energy efficient design and operation to give them the hard evidence and ammunition to help drive change.

Whilst Land Securities develop the buildings, in the majority of cases we are not responsible or able to influence the retailer fit-out design therefore our ability to improve the energy performance of buildings in operation is limited. However, we are always striving to work with retailers to help them achieve higher standards of sustainability and where we can't influence the design directly we provide guidance so that this influence can be achieved indirectly.

It's difficult to quantify the direct impact of the Low Carbon Fit Out Guide Retail 2012. However, the potential energy savings identified within the guide and its influence on accelerating behavioural change within the retail sector are significant.

Land Securities launched the new 2012 version of the Low Carbon Fit Out Guide for Retail at our annual Environment Conference on 11th June 2012. The guide is to help retailers and their designers to understand how to achieve energy and carbon savings through efficient design and operation of their shop fit outs.

The first version, launched at the British Council of Shopping Centres Conference in 2010, was well received by our retailers, providing guidance on the energy efficient design of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Technology has moved on since then, along with the various drivers for reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

The guide was developed by Natalie, Lizzie, Eamonn and Iain from our in-house Engineering and Sustainability team with some input from one of our external consultants Hoare Lea & Partners Ltd.

The guide is aimed at the decision makers with retail organisations rather than designers. The "Why Change" section clearly sets out the drivers for low carbon fit out and the multiple benefits of adopting the approach but the guide goes beyond simply arguing that reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions is the "right thing to do". We have worked examples which show the bottom line benefits of best practice energy efficient design and operation to give them the hard evidence and ammunition to help drive change.

Whilst Land Securities develop the buildings, in the majority of cases we are not responsible or able to influence the fit-out design therefore our ability to directly improve the energy performance of retail units in operation is limited. However, we are always striving to work with retailers to help them achieve higher standards of sustainability and where we can't influence the design directly we provide guidance so that this influence can be achieved indirectly.

The reason for aiming the guide at decision makers is that these are the people who need to understand the drivers and the benefits that energy efficient design can have. Design teams and specialists are typically aware of the latest advances in technology and best practice techniques but are limited in time and budget to be able to incorporate them into a design. There is very little opportunity to change and innovate with these constraints and often the same standard fit-out design is applied time and time again without any improvements made. Therefore, the decision makers need to be convinced that a new approach is needed so that they can instruct their design teams to meet the challenge and provide the necessary budget and time to allow them to do it.

The new version includes up to date information on cutting edge lighting technologies and sustainable design. It also includes advice on the recent and future changes to relevant legislation and national policy, together with a useful checklist to help make sure all the opportunities to reduce energy use have been considered.

The new guide also incorporates a "Green Building Guide" which provides help on how to achieve the best possible BREEAM rating by improving the environmental performance of the retail fit out design. This section of the guide expands the scope to include other environmental issues such as water conservation and pollution.

Land Securities are committed sharing learning in the industry and are always seeking to improve so the message is more widely received and communicated effectively. We have taken on board the feedback from our retailers to make the guide more "user friendly" so we have updated the format and highlighted key messages throughout the guide so that readers can get to the important points quickly. We also plan to continue to update the guide in the future to reflect any major developments in energy efficient technology or key changes to relevant legislative or other drivers.

Whilst the guide has been distributed to retailers on our new developments we are very keen to make it more widely available in the industry to help improve standards across the board. We have made the document available for download on our website, shared it with our partners and are seeking every opportunity to promote it in industry publications to achieve our objective of sharing the knowledge.

The guide is fully supported by our senior management which is reflected in this quote from Richard Akers. "This year we have emphasised the importance of collaboration to achieve our shared obligations in environmental performance. Increasingly onerous requirements of legislation and policy mean that working together is essential if we are to achieve them. Equally, electricity prices have more than doubled in the past eight years and whilst we are striving to design ever more efficient buildings, the fit out design is crucial in ensuring energy bills are minimised and don't eat into our retailers' profits."

We have made the guide freely available on our website so it can be downloaded by anyone involved in the field of retail fit out to maximise its impact on reducing carbon emissions. We know that a number of other property companies use the guide with their own customers as they recognise the excellence of its content.

The guide has received a number of accolades from leading retailers and has been awarded a "Green Apple Award" in recognition of its wider contribution to reducing carbon emissions in the retail sector.

In my view the guide showcases the skills and dedication of our internal team and demonstrates Land Securities commitment to environmental excellence. I believe that this team would be worthy winners of this years Environmental Award.

Nominated by: Neil Pennell, Head of Sustainability and Engineering, London Sustainability and Engineering, Land Securities 

Exceptional Contribution

Presented by: Robert Noel

The winner is: Andrew Millar, Credit Controller; Gareth Williams, Credit Control Supervisor and Jaiman Vasani, Senior Collections Controller, Retail Property Finance, Land Securities 

The Collections Team have one of the hardest jobs to do in the company and I feel that their performance together as a team coupled with their enthusiasm and good communication skills have made them stand out.

Their performance following the December quarter day has got them outstanding results of 97.46% collected within five days and 98.62% collected within ten days at one of the busiest times of the year. Many of our customers are under various financial pressures yet through the teams respectful approach to them they have ensured that Land Securities is top of the list when it comes to paying their bills.

The team deals with national and international companies as well as many of our smallest yet still valuable independent customers and their integrity and open and honest communication with all of them has been one of the secrets to their success.

I am particularly admirable of their performance at St John's in Liverpool where we have many independent retailers which gives the team some unique challenges.

Nominated by: James Larmuth, Portfolio Manager, Retail Portfolio Management, Land Securities

Team/Exceptional Response

Presented by: Robert Noel

The winners are: Jim Williams, Bryan Lewis, Barnie Ferreria and Waylon Davies, Engineers, Rob Dudley, Fabric Engineer and Colin Pugh, Maintenance Supervisor, St David's Centre, Inviron

On the morning of Monday 9 of January at approximately 3.00am St David's Dewi Sant experienced a major leak from a foul drain into switch room No 4 that shut down large sections of the Car Park, water pumps, sewage pumps, security systems, CCTV and various other systems. These in turn threaterened to shut the whole centre.

The leak was raw sewage and water. Colin and the team members mentioned above worked in this mess to isolate the main systems, clean out the fused boards & identify ways of powering the items essential in allowing our retailers to open on time. All this in several inches of sewage.

By 9.30am the team had managed to energize the circuits required to give our retailers water and sewage removal. Further they had managed to have enough boards working to allow the car park to operate. Over the following 72hrs the team continued to isolate major faults within the switch room and bring power to the other parts of the business. 

There was no hesitation by any of the team to get stuck in and get the problem sorted as best they could for as long as it would take.

Nominated by: Brian Vaughan, Technical Services Manager, St David's Centre, Land Securities



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