September 2014
29 September 2014

July 2014

Q1 Winners

The following employees and service partners from around the business received awards:

  • From London

Ali Larner – London Development, for Corporate Responsibility

Ali volunteered to participate in the Introduction to Property Development course. She performed an excellent job in leading and inspiring students. She also went above and beyond the requirements of facilitating workshops and gave up hours and hours of her work time and her own time to support the students whilst balancing a busy workload.

Nominator:  Philip Barron – London Development

  • From Retail

Eric Nuamah, Safdar Abbas, Dwayne Sinclair, Hari Shrestha, Mazlum Kwrtas, Bijaya Subedi, Tasawar Malik, Sandeep Patel, Shahzad Ansari, Muhammad Fahad – Security, West 12 Shopping Centre, for Excellence

The on-site security team changed their working routines to make sure there was enough staff on the shop floor at all times and that they were available to assist / direct visitors accordingly during escalator works. They were happy to adopt this with no extra expenditure. 

Nominator:  William Yelding – Retail Implementation

George Allen – Service Partner, for Exceptional Contribution

George Allen and his team showed a very positive no can do attitude in delivering a project and this meant working a Sunday day / night to work on bringing done the gas system as if natural air entered the gas system then purging would be required and this would predominantly have shut down GWQ for up to 24 hours.

Nominator:  William Yelding – Retail Implementation

Ken James – Retail Property Management - Operations, for Exceptional Contribution

Over the last 2 years The Cornerhouse has suffered from significant leaks from drainage problems, blockages and poor tenant plumbing. Ken has stepped up on each and every occasion to address the problem, organise cleaners, liaise with the tenants and manage the incident. Due to the 24 hour trading pattern of The Cornerhouse this has involved on many occasions Ken having to stay late, come back in late at night, organise contractors, arrange for water diverters to be put up etc. He has regularly given up his personal time to come back into site to sort the problem. 

Nominator:  Suzanne Green – Retail Property Management – Operations

Laura Robinson – Retail Property Management - Operations, for Innovation

For the innovative development of the fab new White Rose weekly newsletter. Laura started to develop a bespoke weekly newsletter that we could prepare and print ourselves at minimal cost.  We launched WR! in March 2014 and we are now on issue seventeen.  In her role as 'editor' Laura has managed this innovative process extremely well.

Nominator:  Suzanne Green – Retail Property Management - Operations

  • From Group

Denis Denisov – All Group Services, for Exceptional Contribution

For tackling any jobs he was given during his work experience with courage and utmost diligence.  His English, his confidence and his abilities are growing at a rate of knots and we feel that the progress he has made has been exceptional and his efforts and achievements really deserve recognition.

Nominator – Jan Portch – All Group Services 

Alexander Finlay – Human Resources, for Exceptional Contribution

For the work he has done during the pay review process. This year we had many people who were going through this process for the first time, and Alex provided huge support to the team, to enable us to get through the process as effectively as possible, but more importantly to get the right result for our people. It is not easy managing the reward for all our people, whilst at the same time negotiating a mammoth spreadsheet to ensure accuracy and Alex at all times remained supportive and calm. Thank you

Nominator – Colette O’Shea – London

Congratulations to them all! We look forward to seeing these awardees, and their nominators, at the annual PIA dinner in June 2015.

We encourage everyone to get involved with recognition by nominating those who make a difference and bring our values to life.

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