August 2011
23 August 2011

Previous Winners

May 2011 winners

  • Jonathon Dereham (Building Manager, Savills) was nominated in the category of Customer Service by Peter Taylor, Management Surveyor, Land Securities)
  • Robert Johnson (Promotions Assistant, Rough Hill Promotions) was nominated in the category of Respect by Darren Gooding, (Duty Manager, Gunwharf Quays Shopping Centre, Land Securities)
  • No nominations in the category of Integrity 
  • Kathleen Healy, (Cleaning Manager, OCS) was nominated in the category of Excellence by Dave Downes (Centre Manager, Leeds Shopping Plaza, Land Securities)
  • Lorna Donald (Secretary/Administrator, Land Securities) was nominated in the category of Innovation by Cheryl Smith (Marketing Manager, Land Securities)
  • Ian Ward (Centre Director, Land Securities) was nominated in the category of Corporate Responsibility by Paul Martland (ROD, Retail, Land Securities)
  • Rachelle Bownes (Estate Manager, Land Securities, was nominated in the category of Environmental by Ann-Marie Turner (Operations Director, Land Securities)

We have two categories for team awards, one to recognise the exception contribution from an outstanding team, and the other to recognise teamwork in a reactive situation. 

  • The team winners for Exceptional Contribution are Nazlin Nazri, Fuseina Abu, Matthew Stanndard, Milena Traykova, Chris Gill, Tanya Palmer-Morgan, Jusna Khanom, Chichi Muorah, Leo Jenkins, Rui Wan, Katarina Savage-Roberts and Victor Karungu from Land Securities  nominated by Despina Don-Wauchope (Group Financial Controller, Land Securities)
  • The team winners for Exception Response are Nathan Richards and Andrew Prowting  nominated by Steven Forshaw (Duty Manager of Operations, Gunwharf Quays, Land Securities)