February 2015
5 February 2015

February 2015

Q3 Winners

The following employees and service partners from around the business received awards:

  • From London

Celia Bouchut - London Asset & Property Management, for Respect for the Individual

I would like to put forward Celia Bouchut for the award, Respect For The Individual. From day 1 of my Secondment, Celia has really taken me under her wing. She is very patient and despite her huge workload has not once complained about spending extra time with me, talking me through systems and processes enabling me to complete my tasks to my absolute best. Having spent the majority of my time over the past 3 months  at 20 Fenchurch Street, I have noticed that Celia will do anything for anyone and puts everyone else first. She regularly stays later than she should and  if someone isn’t sure about something, she is more than happy to sit with them and explain. It has been a great pleasure working with her and the rest of the team and I feel Celia is an integral part and thoroughly deserves this nomination.

Nominator – Ross Wiles – Office Services

Madeleine Velupillai – London Development, for Environmental

Madeleine joined Land Securities on the 6th of May 2014 to replace Lizzie Batchelor who had left a few weeks earlier to join Savills. Just before she joined Land Securities had been subject to a three year re-certification audit of the company’s Environmental Management System to ISO 14001. The accreditation under ISO 14001 is the keystone of the Group’s environmental strategy and a key differentiator as none of our competitors have been able to replicate this across all their activities. However, a number of non-conformities on mandatory compliance issues were identified by the auditor (waste documentation, F Gas and subcontractor management) in the managed properties. Failure to comply with these mandatory compliance issues exposes the company to risk of prosecution under environmental legislation, fines and reputational damage. The re-certification was made conditional on our resolving the issues by the time of the next surveillance audit in October 2014 or our accreditation would be withdrawn. We had also decided to widen our EMS to include the Leisure properties for the first time in the October audit. Madeleine faced the major challenge of working with the Retail and London Operational teams to resolve the compliance issues and to prepare and train the Leisure property managers for their first ISO 14001 audit, all within the first 6 months of joining LS! I am pleased to report that Madeleine rose to the challenge with a minimum of support and we passed the audit with flying colours. I have received messages of thanks from senior managers from across the business praising Madeleine for her professionalism and caring and supportive approach to working with their teams. To be involved in such an important piece of work and receive such positive feedback is great at any time but to do this in your first 6 months with a new company is a very special achievement and I believe Madeleine should be recognised for this.

Nominator – Neil Pennell – London Development

Spencer Curtis – Service Partner, for Exceptional Contribution 

Land Securities suffered a significant property damage incident at its 62 Buckingham Gate location in London, when during the morning, a sprinkler pipe system failed and released a significant amount of (pumped) water into the basement levels. The location had on the same day suffered another sprinkler issue and so were already stretched in terms of resource to cope with the issues arising. Following a call to Spencer (who was already engaged in an insurer property survey of the Cardinal Place estate) he made himself immediately available to attend site. Spencer was able to support the on site engineering and operations team (2 new to the business and 1 new to their role) with his sprinkler expertise to help them reinstate the sprinkler simpler in a safe, effective and expeditious manner to help minimise the impact of the damage and impairment of the sprinkler system.Spencer remained on site into the evening and attended site again the following day to check on progress and any issues arising. It is generally accepted by the team on site that owing to Spencer's attendance the matter was managed more effectively than it might have been in his absence.Spencer's actions helped the on site team during an intense period of time following the incident, supported reinstatement of the sprinkler system back to operational status to safeguard the property and occupiers and shuffled other important commitments to help Land Securities at a vulnerable time - in each respect demonstrating a level of customer service to Land Securities commensurate with a People into Action award.

Nominator – Nick Darling – Tax, Treasury and Insurance

Lucy Dupre, Marco Scaglioni & Joanne Sheath – Front of House Team – 20 Fenchurch Street

Our Front of House Team have received great positive feedback from our Customers at 20 Fenchurch Street. They are always helpful and keep a smile at all times. They came across few challenges this year, such as having only one reception open instead of two, last minute requests from customers but always dealt with these situation efficiently and with a positive attitude. The team are also going above and beyond their daily duties where necessary by helping customers in easing their Reception procedures and in assisting them putting  together their manuals. They are really Customer focused and ensure both Land Securities team and customers are receiving a high standard level of service.

Nominator – Celia Bouchut – London Asset & Property Management

Calvin Pillay, Grant Corson, Jason Abella, Vijay Sindi, Kumas Perumal, Jonathan Andrews, Richard Jean Marie, Gedi Tamasevicius, Christopher Brown, Piotr Zielonka, Phil Smith, Nik Tucker, Chaudary Hussein, Artur Ciupera & Milan Sunuwar – Security Team – 20 Fenchurch Street

I don’t think that we realise how much pressure the security team takes on at 20 Fenchurch Street on a daily basis. This is a challenging building for everyone especially the security team who are on shift 24/7 and are the first ones to be informed of issues. Throughout this year, our security team, headed by Calvin Pillay, have responded to all challenges adopting a YES WE CAN attitude. It is also important to say that they also have no issues in getting their “hands dirty” such as mopping the floors and assist other service partners when necessary, as demonstrated on several occasions.  The Security Team at 20 Fenchurch Street have gone above and beyond their duties on several occasions, including assisting other service partners in cleaning, fixing etc… Not only do they have great feedback from the Land Securities Management team, they are also deemed as amazing and very helpful by all our customers in the building.

Nominator – Celia Bouchut – London Asset & Property Management

  • From Retail

Lorrae Rowan – Retail Operations, for Exceptional Contribution 

On Sunday 16th November, I was on duty at Gunwharf Quays with my Duty Manager - Lorrae Rowan. At 1402 a call was received in our control room from the Vue cinema requesting a first aider, as a gentleman had collapsed in a corridor. The message was passed to Lorrae who was close by. On arrival Lorrae found the gentleman laying on the floor and being comforted by his wife. Lorrae carried out a primary survey, he was not breathing and no pulse. Lorrae immediately called via the radio for an ambulance to attend, support from the duty team and saying she was commencing CPR. On arrival I saw Lorrae carrying out CPR whilst giving instructions to the team who had arrived. I took over from Lorrae and she continued to manage the team to support the wife, give privacy to the patient and prepare the Centre and Vue entrance for the arrival of the paramedics.Between us, Lorrae and I continued to give CPR until the arrival of the Paramedics. On their arrival they took over, but asked for Lorrae to continue to work with them. Lorrae was visibly tired by this time, but carried on with CPR and other tasks as requested, even delivering oxygen as the patient was being transported to the ambulance. Whilst I took the wife to the hospital as there was no room in the ambulance, Lorrae then banked the ambulance from the Centre, whilst the team managed the crowd. Prior to departure, the Senior Paramedic at the scene spoke to me, to express his sincere thanks for the outstanding job that Lorrae had done prior to them arriving and in support of them during this very sad incident. The gentleman's wife also passed on her thanks to Lorrae personally. Unfortunately the gentleman did not survive. Lorrae has delivered amazing customer service and an exceptional contribution to this family, in line with our values. She was very tired and emotional afterwards as you would expect and I highly commend Lorrae to the judging panel for this quarter’s exceptional contribution award.

Nominator – Sean Sweeney – Retail Operations

Hari Shrestha – Service Partner, for Exceptional Contribution 

Hari Shrestha went above and beyond his role and duties during a span of  two weeks whilst his line manager was away on leave by managing an incident on what was a truly busy shopping  day . The loop on the centres fire alarm system went faulty (creating ninety nine faults) ultimately sending false signals to the system. The entire house system went into full alarm. This was unstoppable as neither a reset nor an isolation could be administered . Whilst a call out was made to the fire alarm company (time to arrive unknown 2hours) with shoppers confused, Hari took a decisive and bold step after understanding what the problem was and took over the control room , observed the display screen intently, and after a  period of time sensibly isolated what he taught were the causative problem still managing all radio communications , the entire incident and PAVA announcements for about 45minutes. This was remarkable as reported by our specialist fire alarm company later. Following this Hari also provided an exceptional customer service to one of our occupiers who required help after having just found out that he only had a night left to provide a fire procedure plan to his franchisor and Risk stop . Hari helped him draft this during his night shift breaks thus subsequently saving the franchises reputation and complying with regulations . The retailer was so thankful to the entire centre team as a result of this.

Nominator – Cyrus Annan – Retail Operations

  • From Group

Sandy Chandra – Finance, for Exceptional Contribution 

I would like to nominate Sandy for his invaluable help towards running the total reward statements. Sandy built a macro enabled tool that produced tailored total reward statements from a set of base data. Sandy happily helped getting the tool ready even though it doesn't fall into his remit and during a very busy time in his own department, which often meant he had to work late and occasionally on weekends. This is a great example of collaboration, and a worthy nomination for a PIA award.

Nominator – Alex Finlay – Human Resources

  • From Across the business 

Jan Portch - Kim Brearley, Kate Atwool, Aimee Gleed for Corporate Responsibility

For doing a brilliant job in organising and executing Mencap Day 2014. Kim led the Retail Team and Jan, Aimee and Kate led the team in London to come together and host a day of fun activities resulting in funds raised over £19,000, much more than has ever been raised in similar Land Securities fundraising days. They all went over and above their normal daily duties staying late in the office to prepare, focusing on the detail, organising volunteers and making sure everything ran smoothly. Well done girls!!

Nominator – Philip Barron – London Marketing


Congratulations to them all! We look forward to seeing these awardees, at the annual PIA dinner in July 2015.

We encourage everyone to get involved with recognition by nominating those who you feel make a difference and bring our values to life.

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