February 2009
5 February 2009

Values into Action - next winners and Quarter 1 presentation

Congratulations to the following individuals and teams who were judged as winners at the Values into Action quarterly judging session and presentation on 10 March 2009.  They were awarded their gifts and certificates at a celebration lunch on the 9 June 2009:

  • Jeet Guri (Security Officer, OCS) was nominated in the category of Customer Service by Norman Ship (Car Park Manager, Cabot Circus)
  • Jim Sullivan (Security Manager, Ultimate) was nominated in the category of Respect by Leigh-Anne Muscat (Customer Liaison Coordinator, Land Securities)
  • Steve Hall (Security Office, Ultimate) was nominated in the category of Integrity by David Payne (Customer Liaison Officer, Land Securities)
  • Tracy Bottomley (Centre Administrator, Corby) was nominated in the category of Excellence by Daniel Pickard (Centre Director, Corby)
  • Foon Tse (Estate Manager, Ashdowne House) was nominated in the category of Innovation by Mike Fitton (General Manager, Landflex)

We now have two categories for team awards, one to recognise the ongoing contribution from an outstanding team, and the other to recognise teamwork in a reactive situation.

  • The team winners for ongoing contribution are Stanley Julian and John White from White Rose Shopping Centre were nominated by Dave Downes (Land Securities)
  • The team winners in a reactive situation are Peter Emery, Sean Sweeney, Annarose Hearsum, Gary Thornton, Marcia Quelch, Sarah Jackson, Romayne Spooner, Tracey Hunter, Leigh-Ann Dix and Gary Stott from Gunwharf Quays were nominated by Gavin Waller (Land Securities)