November 2013
25 November 2013

We recently re-launched PIA and we have made awards for great contributions since April 2013.

The following employees and service partners from around the business received awards:

  • From London

    Celia Bouchut - London Property Management, for Excellence

    Celia understands people’s different needs and demonstrates excellent customer service skills. She is the ‘go to’ person for anyone needing support, be it work related or personal and she has an excellent work ethic and fantastic motivation which never falters – she truly deserves this award.

    Nominator – Kerry Whitebread – London Property Management

    Maria Dardanou - London Property Management, for Corporate Responsibility

    Maria took so much time out of her day job to dedicate to Corporate Responsibility in an additional role as a CR Advisor. In particular she put  huge effort into making LandAid Day 2013 a success and organising the quiz.

    Nominator – Philip Baron – London Community Liaison

    Daniel Pellegrino - Ultimate Security Services (service partner), Holborn, for Exceptional Contribution

    Daniel went above and beyond the call of duty to extinguish a fire in a tenant’s premises at Holborn Gate. His quick thinking and courageous actions turned a potentially disastrous situation into a very positive reflection of the building management team. The tenant recognised this, stating; ‘A massive thank you must go to Dan Pellegrino - due to his quick response he stopped the fire from causing much more substantial damage.’

    Nominator – Sarah Roberts – London Property Management
  • From Retail

    Cyrus Annan - Retail Property Management Operations, for Exceptional Contribution

    Over the past 12 months Cyrus has gone above and beyond his duties to look after the Centre and has also put in lots of effort and personal time to make things right. He is always thriving to learn and upgrade. We were without a Centre Manager for a few months and Cyrus took control in to ensure West 12 delivered to the best of its ability during this time. Cyrus went above and beyond ensuring business needs were met.

    Nominator – Danii Ho - Retail Property Management - Operations

    Waylon Davies - Inviron (service partner), St Davids, for Customer Service

    Waylon offered exceptional customer service and support to a customer who had locked her keys and eight month old son in her vehicle. Waylon thought of an original way to access her vehicle causing minimal damage. He advised the customer that if she had a set of spare keys, further damage could be avoided. Mrs Reynolds was comforted by Waylon until her husband arrived. Both Mr and Mrs Reynolds were very grateful for Waylon’s assistance.

    Nominator – Steven Madeley - Retail Property Management - Operations

    Paul Smithers - OCS (service partner), St Davids, for Respect for the Individual

    Paul was asked to track down an elderly lady on a Zimmer frame. The lady had started to walk up the MSCP ramp. Once Paul had reached her she was very confused and disorientated. She had wanted to catch a bus. Paul made sure she was ok and helped her back down the ramp and escorted her to the bus stop and liaised with the bus driver to ensure her safety. Paul was nominated for the award as he showed thoughtfulness and care for the lady’s welfare.

    Nominator – Steven Madeley - Retail Property Management - Operations

    Craig Western - OCS (service partner), St Davids, for Excellence

    A fight that broke out inside the Duke of Wellington carried on into the Hayes area. Craig was told by a member of staff and ran over to assist. By the time he arrived the fight was over but the man who had been attacked, dropped to the floor and started to bleed from the mouth. Craig checked he was okay. He saw the assailant walking away and asked him to stop but when he didn’t, Craig gave chase and managed to restrain him till the police arrived. The police thanked Craig for his assistance and arrested the assailant.

    Nominator – Steven Madeley - Retail Property Management - Operations

    Garry Mullett - Mitie Security (service partner), Gunwharf Quays, for Exceptional Contribution

    Garry helped a customer in what turned out to be a life threatening incident. He checked the customer’s injuries and drew further information in a kind and courteous manner. As a result the gentleman was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with heart block and fitted with a pacemaker. Mr Mullett was highly commended for his life saving intervention and professionalism and the family extended their immense gratitude.

    Garry also gave CPR to an elderly gentleman who had collapsed to the floor. The gentleman’s life was sustained while an ambulance arrived. In a third and unfortunately fatal incident, Garry gave CPR to a gentleman who had gone into cardiac arrest in front of other members of the public and his wife.

    Nominator – Sean Sweeney - Retail Property Management - Operations
  • From Group Services

    Laura Salt - Group Finance, for Excellence

    Laura has given excellent support above and beyond her role, to assist with the preparation of Board and Committee packs for the PLC Board. The packs contain information to allow the Board to consider and reach decisions on strategic matters affecting the business. The packs are 200 pages long. Twelve to fifteen packs are sent out per meeting to the PLC board at least eight times a year. Laura is always keen to help us and works to a very high standard with good attention to detail. She acts with sensitivity and integrity on confidential matters.

    Nominators – Adrian de Souza, Phil Higgins and Lucy Turner – Company Secretariat

    Nathan Nanton - Group Information Systems, for Excellence

    During the implementation of our IT equipment in temporary offices in Eastcheap, Nathan was helpful and present wherever possible to assist with programming software, ordering printers etc. Nathan is a professional team player and very knowledgeable in his field and always endeavours to help in finding solutions to the different issues.

    Nominator – Celia Bouchut – London Property Management

    Charlie Mitchell - Group Information Systems, for Innovation

    Charlie is being recognised for his outstanding contribution to the L&D health and the safety training project. His commitment and expertise in redesigning and broadening the functionality of the LS training database has made this project possible and enable us to move forward and reduce risk to the business. Charlie dedicated hours of time helping the L&D team, with very little notice. He had the foresight to predict potential hurdles and tackle them head on to ensure the database would run effectively in the future. Charlie went above and beyond what was required to enable the L&D team to achieve on a demanding and worthwhile project, which will be invaluable to the business in the coming months.

    Nominator – Sophie Ortyl – Human Resources

Congratulations to them all! We look forward to seeing these awardees, and their nominators, at the annual PIA dinner  in June 2014.

The next deadline for nominations is 31 January 2013 – don’t miss out!